FOOP is the ONLY organic line of nutrients and cloning products made from fish poo and over a dozen other organic ingredients, with EVERYTHING high-yielding plants need to flourish.

Fine-tuned during 5 years of careful research, our patent-pending formula provides an organic alternative to chemical-based fertilizers.

No additives required: easy-to-use, two-part formula for both Veg & Bloom
Sweetener made from a unique blend of eight exotic sugars to boost trichome development
Rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, silica and micronutrients
Mycorrhizal fungi promote root health and growth
Works well with commercial irrigation systems – will not clog up drip lines, injectors or sprayers
Lab tests confirm no harmful microbiological contaminants or heavy metals
No additives or supplements required: Foop Canna nutrient line provides a unique combination of base nutrients, essential minerals, micronutrients and beneficial bacteria – the perfect recipe for larger, healthier plants with stronger immune systems that smell and taste better.

This includes all of the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, silica and other critical minerals and micronutrients that you might find in a half dozen or more different bottles. The Foop Canna nutrient line also delivers mycorrhizal fungi to promote root development as well as a rich living microbiome of beneficial bacteria to the roots of plants that accelerates the uptake of nutrients.

FOOP Canna Sweetener contains a blend of eight all-natural and organic sugars sourced from some of the most exotic places on the planet, with vitamin and amino acid profiles optimized around not only improving flavor, but providing a strong finish and maximizing trichome development.

Unlike other organic brands which clog up commercial irrigation systems, the FOOP Canna nutrient line works with drip lines, 1:100 injectors and industrial sprayers and applicators.

It is no longer necessary to use seven, ten or fifteen different nutrient bottles for your cannabis or hemp garden – and there’s no complicated mixing regimen either: everything is packed into two bottles for veg and two bottles for bloom and a sweetener. There are no soil amendments and no teas to make. The FOOP Canna nutrient line is what cultivators choose when they want to go organic without all the extra work and without sacrificing yield.

FOOP Canna Starter Pack 32oz Bottles