The Dabpress 6 Ton Manual Personal Rosin Press gives you the freedom to press your own rosin from high-quality plant material to create pure, potent extractions in the privacy and discretion of your own home, at the office, or at a friend’s house. The Dabpress personal rosin press features a 6-Ton Bottle Jack and 3” x 5" heated aluminum platens.

Long Life Guaranteed

The Dabpress 6 Ton’s frame is constructed from sturdy H-shaped steel paired with a 6-ton bottle jack that’s spring-installed into the steel frame away from the working area.

Accurate Temperatures

The anodized working surface ensures clean flavors and easy cleanup. Independent heating rods and thermocouple ensure accurate temperatures

Ideal Pressure

The 6-ton (12,000 lbs total force) hydraulic bottle jack delivers optimal pressure for solventless extractions. Dabpress recommends 2” x 3", 2” x 4", 2.5” x 4.5" sized rosin bags.

Well Insulated

The Dabpress is manufactured using low heat transfer bamboo insulators for fast heatup and better protection against the bottle jack overheating.

Reusable Components

Dabpress created this press so that the platens and temperature control box can be easily removed and installed in a new rosin press.


Temperature Range: 0-399F

Power: 500 Watts

Voltage: 110 Volts

Total Weight: 40.8lbs

Package Dimension: 22" x 16.1" x 13.7"

Frame Dimension: (H) 47cm x (W) 28.5cm x (D) 18cm

PID Temp Controller Box Dimension: (H) 21.5cm x (W) 15cm x (D) 8.3cm

Pressing Area: 3" x 5"

Original Bottle Jack Weight: 9.92lbs

Original Bottle Jack Height: 8.5"

Original Bottle Jack Diameter: 2.8"

Clearance between Upper and Bottom Platens: 35mm/1.37"

Dabpress 4 Ton Specifications



Pressure 6 tons


up to 14 grams


500 watts

Temperature 0°F - 399°F

Plate Size 3" x 5"

Plate Material Aluminum

Adjustable Tilt No

Warranty 1 Year

Dabpress 6 Ton Manual Rosin Press